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Re: Which serise was Worf the best in?

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You guys just have to realize DS9 matches the Trek formula. A third of it is good, a third of it is average and a third of it is terrible.

Been like that going all the way back to 1966.

Why should be 'realize' something that's only your opinion? To a lot of people, DS9 has a lot more then only a third that's good.
Some people go on and on about Enterprise. Me, kind meh. Others think Voyager is the best Trek ever. Me, kinda feel like you feel about DS9/Trek in general.

Just because you feel a certain way about DS9, or even Trek in general, doesn't mean others must do that as well.
How dare you presume to imply that I can't ram my opinion down other's throat. I don't think you should even think like that!
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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