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After getting quite busy with school, I've gotten back into playing Civ V again. In anticipation of downloading all the DLC's and the expansion, I've decided to finish the last saved game I have. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to increase the difficulty on future games. My current game is at the point where I can easily win any way I want to.... I can easily destroy everyone due to far superior technology (I'm about to start deploying killer robots while everyone else has still only figured out the most basic guns and tanks). I have all the city-states loving me, so I can win diplomatically. I'm 3 pieces into building the space craft for the scientific resolution. I can also hold my ground and just wait for the clock to run out and outscore the 3 remaining survivors.

I'm currently making a strong run at the Romans, who are the only remaining force that has any real power (India only has its capital. Japan has several cities, but is still defending itself using crossbows. The other faction [red markings on the map] is currently at peace with me, but I have enough units left on his continent to kill him if so desired). Ceaser has the advantage that I came from him at a bad angle. After wiping out my enemies on a northern continent, I'm attempting to move straight at Ceaser, which is causing the trouble of a massive army trying to come onto land either through a very narrow land bridge or trying to squeeze into a small foothold over sea. I'm starting to make a push into his territory, but he's taking a lot of my units on account of my accidental log-jam and inability to get any of my troops shuffled around.
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