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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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The characters were underdeveloped, the writing was mediocre, and the action scenes were uninspired.
You didn't think that scene with the horses was a little inspired?
The setting was inspired, but it didn't do anything with it. With the exception of what's his name chucking the horse at Abe, which was pretty cool, the fight scene could have been on solid ground and nothing would have changed. The same is true of the final battle on the train. Like I said, the movie followed an awesome check list of things to do (fight scene on top of moving horses), but the care was not given to each bullet point to make the scene memorable beyond it's admittedly cool premise.

Abe swung his axe, the vampire lunged at him, Abe dropped his axe and picked up, then swung it a few more times, etc. Yawn!
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