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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

CaptainDonovin wrote: View Post
I also like it that even though there were chances in here to start a new war that it didn't happen...
Yeah, I wonder what those readers who assume the Typhon Pact storyline is inevitably leading to war will make of this. This was the Cuban Missile Crisis for the UFP and the Pact, bringing them to the very brink of war, yet both sides avoided stepping over that brink and worked together to resolve things peacefully. Although I'm sure those readers will stubbornly insist that Kamemor is an aberration and is sure to be assassinated soon, etc. etc. Never mind that she's successfully purged the Romulan government of those working against her peacemaking agenda and has transcended the Tzenkethi's intended role for her as a weak, easily manipulated leader.

If the novels follow what happened in the Countdown comics (which they could ignore some of it) I think there is a different Praetor by 2387 which isn't far off now.
As someone else mentioned, the novels are under no obligation to acknowledge anything from Countdown (except those elements that were actually in the 2009 film). I just hope that Kamemor is offworld when the supernova wavefront hits. Given that they did have some advance warning, they probably had time to evacuate the government -- though Kamemor's just the type who'd go down with her ship rather than take a seat on the lifeboat that could be used to save someone else.

dispatcher812 wrote: View Post
What I don't get is why O'Brien is still just a Chief. You would think that after all the casualties and the need for experienced officers they would have promoted him.
He's already a senior chief petty officer -- there's only one higher enlisted rating, master chief petty officer. So by enlisted standards, he's already very near the top. To become an officer, he'd have to go to Starfleet Academy for several years, and that would be a waste of his valuable time. There's no need for everyone to be an officer, since enlisted personnel serve a vital role as well. A master chief is nominally subordinate to any commissioned officer, but in practice has the experience and authority to be considered a senior officer. And O'Brien has always been treated as a senior officer in DS9's crew even as an SCPO.

Granted, "Master Chief O'Brien" would have a nice ring to it...

Another thing I don't Understand is why this book and Plagues of Night labeled TNG.
Uhh, they're not. They're labeled Star Trek: Typhon Pact.

Shon T'Hara wrote: View Post
Why wasn't the Federation willing to return Odo to the Dominion?
Because the writer or editor wanted Odo to be a regular part of the cast again.

starri wrote: View Post
Yeah DS9 and Bajor are kinda irrelevant now without the wormhole.
Not necessarily. DS9 was the staging ground for the relief efforts to Cardassia after the war, and now that the Cardassians are more closely allied with the Federation, it will probably become an important waypoint between the two.
Not to mention that Bajor has become an important Federation world in its own right. Remember, Sisko's mission from the start, even before the wormhole was discovered, was to facilitate Bajor's recovery and entry into the Federation, because of all the Bajoran people had to offer the UFP as members. The quadrant may have come to Bajor for the wormhole, but they'll stay for everything else that Bajor has come to represent and everything its civilization has to offer.

Also, Bajor is one of the closest Federation worlds to Tzenkethi and Breen space, good for keeping an eye on the more hostile elements of the Pact, and centrally located to facilitate trade among the Khitomer Accords partners, particularly the Cardassians and Ferengi.

Anyway, I doubt the wormhole is permanently gone. After all, its inhabitants don't exist in linear time. Their existence is a constant throughout all time, so they certainly can't be destroyed. True, the terminus points of the wormhole exist in linear spacetime and can be altered, but the interior realm and its inhabitants will always be there, and I expect they can recreate the termini at will, even if it takes a while as we perceive it.
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