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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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It's tricky. Mya Stone's mother was also presumably highborn, or Mya wouldn't have a last name, but the way Mya's birth is described, while it's not explicit either way, doesn't seem to suggest a highborn mother.
I assumed she didn't have a highborn mother.
At first, so did I. But then why the last name? Common people don't have them, nor do lowborn bastards like Gendry, Bella, and poor little Barra. But I think it's possible the author simply forgot the "rules" in that instance; in the chapter where Mya first appears, her last name is the basis for an explanation of the regional bastard names, and a moment where Catelyn thinks of Jon and feels both angry and guilty.
We know that Robert didn't recognize her as his bastard, anyway, since IIRC him being the father is left as likely conjecture.
Well, that was my point-- if Mya did have a highborn mother, Robert failed to acknowledge a highborn bastard, opening the possibility that doing so was acceptable, if a bit gauche.
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