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Re: Question for Supernatural fans...

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Yeah, I was exaggerating I admit. But of all the reasons to make a deal with a demon, hers was... pretty understandable really. And the cold-bloodedness of Dean to her at the end compared with what the audience knows leaves me wondering how exactly her fate is meant to be taken. I dunno, it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

It's not that I'm a massive fan of the character, though I liked her overall in a Quark way (and really, like Ruby never made the Winchesters look like idiots?) and would've been sad to see her go matter what. On its own it might not bother me as much, but combined with my OP and what I know will become of Ruby...

I'll probably come back and continue after awhile I guess.
Bella made all the wrong decisions, particularly in the end when she stole the Colt to trade for her soul instead of doing the sensible thing and working with the Winchesters to put a bullet in Lillith's heart.

The demon deal was never the problem. If she just asked Sam and Dean would have done everything in their power to save her. The point is that she didn't ask. She repeatedly betrayed them and eventually stole their greatest weapon against the demons to deliver it to their greatest enemy.

And that betrayal was in its own way responsible for the apocalypse. It was one in a long list of necessary steps to put everything in place. Otherwise Lillith would have died in No Rest for the Wicked or earlier and Lucifer would have never been freed. In the end she's happy to throw the whole world under a bus for a chance to save her own skin on her own terms instead of simply coming clean and admitting that she needs help.

Dean is very protective of his family, and can be very bitter towards people who betray them, so that shouldn't be a surprise, either.

It's meant to be a tragedy. She was a kid who didn't understand the consequences of her actions when she made the deal. But demons don't give a crap if you're a kid or not. They're going to manipulate you to get what they want. The tragedy is compounded by Bella's later actions, which she is certainly responsible for, and which ultimately led to Dean's death and Lucifer's freedom.

Ruby, on the other hand, is actually deserving of sympathy. She's a true believer. She actually thinks that she's doing the right thing, that Lucifer is a just and loving god who will create a paradise on Earth where demons and humans will join hands and sing and all that other crap. No more horrific torture in hell, just a perfect world for everyone.

And by season four she truly loves Sam and thinks that her manipulations are actually in his best interests. She's making huge personal sacrifices for what she believes is the greater good. Unfortunately, she's wrong and Lucifer is a giant asshole who hates both demons and humans.

She's also greatly overestimating how happy Sam would be to be exalted by a fallen archangel and how easily he would come around to her point of view. She has an unrealistic vision of living happily ever after with Sam, Lucifer, perhaps a couple of kids, and a puppy and that's what bites her in the ass at the end.
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