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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Angry. As in Kirk asking the Sha-Ka-Ree entity why it's angry after it lashes out at him with an energy bolt.
B is for Bad special effects.
C is for Centre of the galaxy. Where they went.
D is for "Don't you know a jailbreak when you see one?" by Scotty.
E is for Everyone. As in: who was disappointed this movie wasn't better?
F is for Fan. Some were indeed disappointed. Others went dancing with Uhura.
G is for Galileo, the primary shuttle used in TFF.
H is for Horrible outing. Which this movie is.
I is for Inside the Great Barrier, where no starship had before dared to travel.
J is for Jailbreak. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy apparently din'nae know one when they see one.
K is for Klaa, the Klingon captain. or Korrd, the Klingon ambassador.
L is for Landing the hostage rescue team on Nimbus III in a shuttlecraft.
M is for McCoy's dad and for Matinee. The only time anyone would dare go see this movie. Definitely not worth evening ticket prices.
N is for Nimbus III. Planet of Galactic Peace.
O is for Orders to defend the ship, which Spock disobeyed because Sybok was his half-brother.
P is for Pioneer 10, Earth Space Probe destroyed by Klaa.
Q is for Questionable. In regards to the quality of the screenwriting for this movie.
R is for "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".
S is for Sybok, who can take away our the cost of causing us agony through having to watch this film.
T is for The rockmen, which surely would've made the movie much better. I'm sure of it.
U is for Uhura's fan dance.
V is for violent intestinal upset. Caused when Sybok took away the pain of the characters and inflicted it upon us.
W is for Weary, which General Korrd had become by this point in his once-mighty career.
X is for X-rated. What the movie might've been with better lighting and a closer camera in a certain scene.
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