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Re: "Return to Tomorrow" Line-by-Line


(Uhura is screaming in terror before collapsing across her console. Chapel is standing rigid by the Captain's chair.)

SPOCK: Must I make an example of you, too, Helm?

(Kirk, Mulhall and McCoy enter.)

SPOCK: Pain, Captain. And you, my dear?

(As Kirk and Mulhall double over, McCoy dashes to Spock's side, ready to inject him.)

SPOCK: Fortunately, Doctor, I know every thought of every mind around me. See? Take the hypo from him. And inject him with it.

(But she injects Spock/Henoch instead! He leaps from his seat.)

SPOCK: Fools. I'll simply transfer to another place, another body. Sargon! No, Sargon, please. Let me. Let me transfer.

(He falls to the floor and his victims are freed from their pain.)

^ (Does this all count as "a single" line? Without interruption by another character, after all.)
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