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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...

My copy of Galaxy 4 has a scratch on it, so have to wait until I find another copy. So I decided to jump into a story that I never really considered to be any good based on the solitary surviving episode and the fact it sticks out like a sore thumb in the proverbial 'season of monsters'...


Boy was I wrong. This story was undeniably brilliant. First, I found out at the very beginning that it was written by David Whittaker, arguably my favourite author of the 1960s. I never knew! Next, there were so many awesome sequences in most episodes (the hovercraft chase, the helicopter exploding, the volcanic eruption, the underground colony - seriously, who didn't see that one coming!?). Salamander is a great megalomaniac, the solar satellites generating the natural disasters (though I can't recall if they explained it; are they super heating the earth causing the lava to expand and trigger a volcanic event??). My only gripe is the final episode is horribly rushed, and I would hazard a suggestion that a seventh episode might even help with the resolution. Astrid's reaction at the episode 5 cliffhanger about Salamander attacking Swann is questionable; after all she's been through why wouldn't he?? In my opinion, this was the best story of Season Five.

Might dip back into Hartnell territory next.
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