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Re: What likely happened to the Cardassian Union after the war

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That's like saying if Germany had more planes, tanks, oil and men, they would have won World War II. Sure it's true, but it doesn't exactly mean much.

Cardassia was advanced enough to compete with the great powers and be acknowledged by them, but not really enough to be truely threatening. Most of their greatest schemes involve tricking and outmanuvering their opponents.
But Germany, for a small country, came pretty close to dominating Europe. If you can believe Spock, the world too.

:SPOCK: Quite true, Captain. That tiny country, beaten, bankrupt, defeated, rose in a few years to stand only one step away from global domination.
I don't know how accurate Spock's statement was, though.

Cardassia could be seen in a similar way, except they were way too far behind in their current state to be a serious match for the Federation.

They were smaller, ships technologically behind the Feds (or some of their ships), and

But they did have the scientific, military, industrial and logistical base to be become a major power if they were bigger and had more resources to feed it.

Dukat wasn't a threatening villain because he had a huge fleet as his command, but because he was so unpredictable he kept the good guys guessing.
I dunno, the fact that he was directing the war, and winning it, during the first stages suggests he was pretty tactically sound-he caught on to Sisko's plan even when Weyoun, who seemed to be the senior adviser or something, couldn't see it.

They are a capable power, but short of dramatic shifts of power like them joining the Dominion, they weren't going to be truely threatening.
I tend to agree, except if they were bigger in size, and had more resources, they could possibly achieve it on their own.

Their near evil philosophy on certain things is their biggest weakness though.
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