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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I understand that part, just questioning why CBS would be concerned with the game at that deep a level, exactly how strong which ships should be. That doesn't ring true to me...

Failure to perform or market the game, not staying in the spirit of the Trek license, sure, lots of things I could see they'd want to shut it down over. Whether the TOS Connie is a Lvl 1 or 3 ship seems a bit beyond what I'd expect that contract to say...
Very true......CBS have been very strange on this whole matter, not wanting everybody playing STO running about in doms or Cardy ships......yet are quite happy to have the franchise used too intice all those playing the game into gambling with the lockboxes to aquire these very ships.

So i take it if everybody continued to gamble on the lockboxes and everybody won those ship then CBS would be ok with everybody running about in them.

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