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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

That is true,Anwar. Talisa's somewhat high born, so Robb could have pissed off her family or ruined her reputation by slam, bam, thanking you ma'am-ing Talisa. As I opined, Robb seems extremely driven by his emotional impulses. It's a striking contrast to his seemingly natural tactical prowess when it comes to war and battle. Robb acts "honorably" towards her to the point of stupidity and self detriment. Once again, he's his father's son more than any of the other Stark children.

I'm judging the situation by my 21st century "of course marriages shouldn't be arranged" standards. His character seems real. They all seem like real characters in a fantasy setting, not so much larger than life. People can do stupid things when they're in a heightened emotional state, which Ned's death and Catelyn's betrayal seem to have put Robb in. Talisa listened to him and sympathized--that can be a powerful aphrodisiac when you're in pain. If she's not on the up and up, even better for story. Also, I think it's cool as hell that Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter is now Lady Stark, wife of Robb. Love the casting. She looks exactly like her mother, Geraldine.

Venardhi, love the theory about Lyanna Stark being Jon's mother. That would explain both his devotion to Jon and his keeping the secret from Cat. She might not want a Targearyean child in the house with her children.

Tyrion defines cool. He's more of a knight on the inside than the knights. He's not cruel to anyone who doesn't have it coming. Peter Dinklage is the lone American in the cast now, no? Is it true this is filmed in Iceland?

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