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^But scientific verisimilitude is not the point. I should've left out the point about the gravity vector, because that's distracting from what I'm really talking about, which is the sloppiness of the effects work. There are plenty of B movies out there which are just as fanciful and ludicrous in their science, but where the filmmakers at least make a token effort to make it seem that the ships hanging on wires are actually flying in a straight line, rather than looking like a toy a 5-year-old is dangling from a string. As I said, The Green Slime was from the same creators and theoretically set in the same universe, but its miniature effects were done by Japanese FX artists who'd trained under Eiji Tsuburaya (of Godzilla and Ultraman fame), and so while they were still clearly miniatures and the FX weren't as sophisticated as what you'd get in an American film of the time, at least they were competently done and looked good. The miniature work in the Italian-made films in the series was just careless and risible. (Their idea of showing a space station disappearing was to dim the lights illuminating it so it became a dark silhouette against the star backdrop but was still partly visible. I didn't realize it was meant to be a disappearance until the characters said so.)

I mean, you have to admit, having a space station rotating in one shot and stationary in the immediately following shot isn't just a scientific error, it's a failure of basic filmmaking continuity.
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