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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

I can finally join the discussion. I have no HBO, no cable, no time to watch television regular time because of my lousy boss and job. I just discovered GOT on a live streaming site about two weekends ago and have watched the entire first two seasons in the past 10 days. I was completely unfamiliar with the books and wanted to remain unspoiled about the series. Best way to watch. Since we're between seasons I don't feel too risky coming into a spoiler thread. I have comments and questions.

1.)I must disagree that Robb was a "fucking moron" for marrying Talisa the noble woman. Unwise, yes, considering his oath (or his momma's oath) but not entirely unreasonable. IMHO, his emotional state at that moment explains a great deal of his behavior. Obviously the actor is not 16 nor is the character. He's in a state of emotional upheaval because of Ned's murder and wanting to avenge him so much. He's worried about his sisters being hostage and winning the war to depose the Lannisters. The discussions way upthread seem to disregard one significant contributing factor in Robb's impulsive decision to marry--that Robb is extremely angry with his mother, justifiably so in my opinion, for taking it upon herself to release Jamie Lannister.

Jamie was their leverage and if he gets the drop on Brienn the giant gladiator woman, he's free and can do whatever damage he likes. Robb can no longer use him as leverage to get his sisters freed. His mother threw that all away. Yes, she was worried about her children but as the old man said....he had a dead son and a captured son. They all had children they'd lost or were concerned about. It wasn't just Catelyn's children. Jamie's release could have scuttled all of their plans to depose the Lannisters and protect themselves; Catelyn was supremely selfish. I believe Robb's sense of betrayal fed into his decision. His mother broke her oath, so he breaks his. Not wise, but understandable. He's been presented as the most emotional of the Stark offspring in spite of his war prowess. He's impulsive and IMO exactly like his father where succumbing to emotional impulse is concerned. Ned telling Circe Lannister that he knew about Joffrey's paternity so "the children would have a chance to escape" was about the dumbest thing in the entire series. He thought Circe would just leave or not have him arrested. What crack was he smoking?

If Talisa turns out to be some sort of spy or plant, all the better but I suspect the love story is a result of it finally dawning on TPTB on the writing staff that the actor playing Robb Stark is extremely handsome and charismatic. My sister calls Robb and Jon "stud one" and stud two."

2.)What's with the secrecy about Jon Snow's mother? Why did Ned purposefully keep her identity a secret from Jon? Is Jon really his? I wondered for a time and I still wonder. Given Ned's propensity for self sacrifice and honor to his own detriment, I wondered if Jon was some foundling that Ned had taken in. Circe Lannister's raven haired child that was taken from her because he "died" at birth? Would explain him lying to Catelyn, whom I can't blame for resenting Ned bringing Jon into their home. Am I off the rails?

3.)Of course Theon Greyjoy hates the Starks and is a humiliated, emasculated mess. His dad "sells" him, he grows up having to be beholden to benevolent captors who killed his brothers in battle, then his father treats him like shit when he comes home. How could he be anything but a mess? Of course, killing those farmboys pretty much ensures him a place in hell no matter how rotten his childhood.

4.)TYRION. LANNISTER. ROCKS. He rocks like the rolling stones. He rocks as much as Joffrey sucks, that little shit ass. Tyrion needs to hit him more. What did Circe expect Joffrey to be? She helped make him an entitled monster. Tyrion may be my favorite character. I hope Shaye is on the up and up.

5.)I don't have much sympathy for Catelyn as a whole and I can't figure out why. She's strong. I don't dislike her, and I can understand her frustration and anger at Ned for bringing home the result of his affair for her to raise, but something about her is jarring. I should appreciate her but for some reason I don't. Maybe the actress....

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