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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

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There seems to be more to this Lex than he just being a biological Smallville: The Best of Lex Blu-ray set. He seems like the real deal. Memories don't make the man after all.

I agree. Lex, as we're seeing him now in Season 11, certainly does seem to be like the real deal, as you say, just with some amnesiac issues. Kinda makes you wonder. Again, if what Kelly and Brian ultimately wanted to end up with was a Lex-clone, then why have him survive the fall of the Fortress? Why tease us with him being alive during Season 8 to end up with a Lex who's been cobbled together like some modern Frankenstein's monster.

Then again, maybe the whole reason is that we begin to view him as a bit of a monster and less of the decent human being he once was.
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