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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished A Time to Hate last night. I thought this one seemed better than the first volume. Weird issues, though. Like, Troi beams out but Picard keeps referencing her as if she's in the room. The same thing happens with Vale as well. Just odd.

I also read Alien Spotlight: Borg, a comic set before Nemesis. Pretty good, if it let like it should have been a two-or-three issue miniseries instead of foisted into one issue.

I was going to read "Till Death" from the Sky's the Limit but there are multiple references on the first two pages to the story being set a lot closer to Nemesis then Memory Beta has it. So I'm going to place it between A Time to Heal/Time for War-Peace.

But next up is Worlds of DS9: Ferenginar.
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