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Re: Which serise was Worf the best in?

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In your opinion was Worf better written for ds9 or tng?
Its not even close. DS9. Worf was a bystander in TNG. A wooden, typical Klingon on a SF ship.

DS9 allowed him to bloom into a 3d character, w/depth and emotion.

Go back and look at his performance in Way of the Warrior. It killed all his other performances on TNG. It just shows to go ya, that DS9's writings were so superior to that of all other Trek.

A bystander on TNG?!? Worf is either the most developed or second-most(depends on where you rank Data) developed character on TNG. He got the biggest character arcs of the entire series, from the "dishonor" to having his honor restored arc, to Alexander Rozhenko.

He was much more in the background on DS9. In fact, even Michael Dorn said something about how only a handful of season 4 DS9 shows featured Worf in a prominent way.
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