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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I'm torn about this film. Part of me is intrigued because I've always liked Spider-Man, but I was also quite happy with the Raimi/McGuire version.

I even liked Spider-man 3 to an extent. I didn't think it was horrible, but that it just wasn't as good as the first two films. For one thing I feel they chose the wrong villain(s). I've never cared for Venom and I didn't care for how he was visualized in the film. I also thought the Sandman wasn't very interesting. I think it would have been far better to have stuck with one villain and go for something more interesting like the Vulture, the Lizard or Mysterio. Beyond that I would have liked a fourth Raimi/McGuire film that could have brought the franchise back to what it had been with the first two films.

The only thing that didn't really work for me in the Raimi films was Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. She wasn't horrible, but she was just serviceable. I just couldn't really buy her as MJ. I was happy with most everything else.

Now in this reboot I'm intrigued and I have reservations. Yeah, it's nitpicky, but I don't care for the redesigned suit. I think Raimi's version nailed it for live-action. I like the idea of seeing the Lizard as a villain, but I don't care for the whole retcon of Peter's origin as Spider-Man tied to his father's research with Connors. It's too much like the retconning we got that made the Joker the killer of Bruce Wayne's parents in the '89 Batman or having Ras al Gul involved with Batman's origins in Batman Begins. In Hollywood there is this compulsion that everything has to tie in together neatly because it's DESTINY or something. :roll eyes:

I do like the idea of Gwen Stacy instead of MJ as Peter's first love.

I'll see this out of curiosity, but I'm not really juiced about it, not like I was for the previous Spidey films. I am much more hyped for The Dark Knight Rises.
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