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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

Stephen! wrote: View Post
I'd have thought after 10 years, people would have mellowed a bit and not be as harsh towards it.
Why? The passage of time has done nothing whatsoever to mitigate the movie's countless flaws, so it's not unreasonable that people continue to dislike it (I wouldn't describe my own disdain for Nemesis as "hate" - that's far too extreme a word to apply to something as trivial as a movie).

Anyway, my reasons for disliking Nemesis are contained in the following post from one of the countless previous threads on the subject:
Orac Zen wrote: View Post
IMO? No, it's not really that bad. Incredibly enough, it's even worse.

NCC-1701-B wrote: View Post
Why is it bad? because it has a car at the beginning? I dont get why it is a bad film.
That's fine - to each their own, after all. But for mine, it's bad because of the following:
  • inane "car" chase through desert (so Picard can mimic Bond?) in the wake of gathering bits of yet another Data prototype. Yes, Data was more than just a toaster but how many damned prototypes are out there, anyway?
  • our crew - supposedly the best and brightest, given they've been on the Federation flagship all these years - ignore the precedent of Lore and activate the prototype anyway. Happily it turns out to be a dunce, but it could just as easily have been yet another Lore. No one seemed to consider this possibility.
  • Romulans "somehow" - "somehow" is all the explanation we're given - get a DNA sample from Picard.
  • Romulans create clone of Picard (a clone which, remarkably considering it's a frelling clone, looks nothing whatsoever like Picard) to...what, exactly?
  • Remans, despite being the underclass, repressed etc somehow - without their Romulan bretheren noticing - build a kickarse spaceship that makes the Federation flagship look like a shuttlecraft. Really, did no one notice this?
  • Data sacrifices himself in a manner which makes zero sense.
  • But because of the aforementioned prototype - to which Data conveniently transferred his consciousness before his noble sacrifice - Data's "death" is purely temporary. Although there will be no more TNG movies we know good and well that with just a bit of Federation TLC "B4" (such a witty name) will turn into the Data we know (and may love) in no time. So any emotional significance attached to Data's demise is completely wiped out about 10 minutes after we witnessed it.
The movie has other flaws. Those are merely the ones I can (unfortunately) recall at this distance. The idea of watching that trash again almost makes me gag. If others like it that's perfectly okay, but for mine it's among the worst movies I've seen. And "Copycat posting" () hasn't a thing to do with my ability to form my own opinion of this tripe.
Throw in Shinzon's utterly ridiculous "motive" - whatever it was supposed to be - and you have, IMO at least, a terrible movie. I do not "hate" it, but neither do I have any desire whatever to ever see it again. To each their own.
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