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Re: what's next for Marvel (movies)?

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How the heck do you do a Thunderbolts movie? The twist at the end won't have any impact without WAY more movies.

Unless you don't mean the classic, first team? But then that goes against your Guardians comment? Not to mention getting the rights to all of the characters in use, especially Osborn or Juggernaut. But that still doesn't work without way more movies setting things up. Otherwise it's just another generic earth-based team with nothing special to say.

And if THAT team can work, why can't the Guardians?

I think there's loads of potential there, especially since they'll probably be introducing Nova that way, who as you rightfully point out, is awesome. And the new stuff is great and easy enough to explain in a movie. Plus everything I read is saying what a strong script it has.
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