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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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11. JJ Abrams' Star Wa... Trek - nameless abomination.
Fuck that! Star Trek '09 accomplished the double feat of rejuvenating the franchise AND getting rid of the anal retentive fanbois.

YMMV of course...
I would rather watch Nemesis 100 times in 100 days than ever have to be subjected to that Abrams abomination again.

Can't wait till everyone hates the sequel like they hated Bayformers 2 and realized they had been had by shining objects in the first train wreck.

Nemesis was just a flawed film in every way imaginable. The TNG movies just weren't good movies. They didn't feel like TNG. The E-E never clicked and felt like a ship Picard, of the TNG tv show, would command. It lost it's soul. Perhaps TNG just wasn't suited for the Big Screen?

Generations is still the "best" of the TNG movies but then quickly falls apart when they hit the Nexus plot. Killing Picard's nephew was just stupid as well.
I'd rather watch Star Trek: V and Nemesis a thousand times than be subjected to Abrams Trek again.
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