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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...


Truth be told, AY, I have no complaints at this point either... Though I'd love to see more of the cute little blonde, but I realize SV isn't just about her.

One minor problem/complaint that I do have, much as you do with Krypto-Lana, is the fact that the Lex that returned in S10 was a clone and not the REAL Lex. Which I'm not sure why, when they finally convinced Rosey to return for a guest shot, that they didn't go with the idea that it was the Lex who was with Clark in the FoS at the end of S7. I had always assumed up to that point that it was a clone that Ollie had killed.

Either I'm missing something or forgetting something. You tell me which it is.

OK, I'm off to read Issue 7.

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