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Re: In zombie films, how come nobody has ever...

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Here's a better idea:

But it would take a few minutes for the fire to destroy enough of the zombie's tissue to stop him, and in that time he'd be stumbling around, setting fire to other things. The risk of uncontrolled fire is too great.
I think WWZ posited pretty much exactly this.

Anyway, where would you get a flame thrower?
You can buy a propane torch at most garden supply stores. That might do the trick (again, subject to the WWZ theory).

And if recall my reading of the Anarchist Cookbook and the Poor Man's James Bond accurately (it was about 30 years ago), a "real" flamethrower isn't that hard to make.
The Zombie Survival guide, written by the same guy, is my Bible when it comes to all things zombie...

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I'm just gonna leave this classic right here:
Not really accurate though. The ZSG refutes each one of the points.
  1. The first point says that predators such as maggots etc will make short work of zombies. However, zombie flesh is highly toxic and most animals won't touch it. Only a few types of bacteria can break it down.
  2. The second - that the heat of the sun will encourage bacteria to quickly rot the zombie's flesh, is related. Few types of bacteria can decompose zombie flesh because of its natural toxicity.
  3. While the cold can freeze a zombie solid, once thawed, the zombie is back to its former self.Zombies will keep going even if their flesh is physically destroyed.
  4. The fourth point is fairly valid, but biting isn't the only way it can be transmitted. Spraying material from shooting zombies, any open wounds... There are actually quite a few ways to be infected. If you are fighting a female zombie with long nails and she scratches you, you can get infected.
  5. Again, the ability of a zombie to not feel pain and repair itself is one of their greatest disadvantages, but in generally day to day zombie activities (shuffling, biting and moaning), they don't get damaged much. And zombies can go on chasing you even if they have suffered damage that will kill a regular person.
  6. The sixth point says that because zombies can't see in the dark they will eventually walk into things that will kill them. bear in mind that zombies aren't the visually based creatures we are. They use ALL available senses to know what is going on. They aren't going to die just because they don't see something.
  7. The final point makes it clear how easy it is to kill them. But it actually isn't that easy. The only way to kill them is to destroy the brain. Getting a headshot is quite difficult. And it's even harder when you are facing down a swarm of zombies relentlessly shuffling towards you. Easier to shoot it in the body, but that won't do anything.

So that list isn't that accurate. It assumes that zombies are basically people, with the same strengths and weaknesses. They aren't.
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