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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

73. The Night of the Hunter (C)

I guess this will have to be one of those times when I really don't like a film widely held up as a classic. There's no doubt that it's an impressive piece of work stylistically; apart from Orson Welles and a few European directors, somebody going into the cinema in 1955 would probably not have seen anything like this. But I find the story ridiculous, and that stops me from deriving much enjoyment from it. The Robert Mitchum character (the most praised aspect of the film) is just unbelievable; I don't buy this guy, and I don't buy any of the things he does in the course of the movie, which happen almost entirely because of ridiculous contrivances and/or characters acting like morons for no reason other than it would stop the plot if they didn't.

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