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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Starfleet Academy is a four year course, right? We saw Picard with hair after he graduated and was awaiting assignment in "Tapestry". He was in the usual maroon dress uniform of the era.

The pic in Nemesis shows Picard in the cadet jumpsuit, giving up to FOUR YEARS for the guy to grow his hair back after having shaved it off.

In a similar real-life story, I used to shave my head but I don't anymore. This complaint probably is the most pathetic and stupid one in ALL of Star Trek.

Heck, even taken as a simple rewrite, making Picard bald at the age Patrick Stewart was (19), it really doesn't matter. Certainly not worth the fuss made here and in other threads.
Yeah I never got the fuss over this either. Having your head shaved is an acceptable style today, there is no reason it wouldn't be in the future as well. I've known many people who have done it over the years for varying reasons, including a plain like for the style.

So he shaved his head when he was younger, then grew it back a few years later...then he went bald. Big deal!
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