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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Anyone else watch those three Italian films they showed during the SF marathon the other day, the ones about the Gamma-One space station? They were simply awful. The plots and dialogue were incoherent, the special effects were dreadful, and the lead characters in the first two (in production order -- TCM showed them in reverse for some reason) were so unlikeable that they were replaced by the third (which actually wasn't shown -- there were four in all). Well, I don't actually know if that's why they were replaced, but I wouldn't be surprised.

The one redeeming feature in the final one, The Snow Devils, was that it actually acknowledged (albeit clumsily) that observers at Earth couldn't monitor events at Jupiter in real time due to lightspeed time lag. That's so rarely acknowledged in SF film or TV that it's impressive when it is, especially in a movie that's otherwise so silly.

I gather that The Green Slime was meant to be a fifth film in the same universe, although it didn't have any characters in common, and it was made in Japan instead of Italy so the sets and costumes were different and the effects were much better.
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