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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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This is rather disappointing, but I suppose exciting for those who've been reading Greg Ruka's Punisher.
That depends on how closely War Zone will be related to Rucka's Punisher.

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I doubt it'll happen, but wouldn't it be interesting if the Punisher basically came out for mutant rights and the defense of national borders? And voted Obama?
Heh, interesting for sure, though for a while "mutant rights" and "defense of national borders" as part of a package might not work, since the Phoenix Five are trampling all over national borders.

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Bleeding Cool has put together a check list of all the rumors that they've compiled over the last few weeks regarding Marvel's musical creative chairs.
Dear god, I wish he would stop and proof-read his articles before publishing. He desperately needs an outside editor. He has such an annoying tendency to have posts full of sentence fragments, missing words, etc., that I sometimes have to read twice to understand what he's trying to say.

Edited to add: I really wish there was better synchronization going on with AVX. As things stand, I don't understand how Avengers and Secret Avengers, both using the same set of characters and both taking place out in space prior to the Phoenix's arrival at Earth, sync up. In one, Protector is still allied with the team, but in the other he's been left on the Kree homeworld as a traitor; and that isn't the only oddity that makes those titles difficult to reconcile. In the latest AVX issue, Beast walked away from the Avengers, yet one of the tie-ins this week had him fighting alongside them against the X-Men. The editors and writers involved really need to be doing a better job at making sure their titles match up with one another.

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