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Hey, remember that survey on that German fansite a few months back? Well I just today remembered it existed and went looking to see if the results were in yet. They are (click "Survey Data" at the top of the page.)

Some interesting statistics. Of course it only really applies to mostly die-hard fans (i.e. those that were even aware of the survey) so it's not truly representative of the entire player base, but in a way I think that makes it more valuable. I mean these are the loyal fans that will stick with a franchise and/or a developer in the long rung, these are the one's most likely to stick around if treated right...and the ones hardest to win back if treated poorly.

Of particular note; I thought the LI results were interesting. I didn't expect Liara to have such a huge lead, but then I suppose she has her mono-gender working in her favour. That aside, I was also interested to see that Tali beat out Ashley and Garrus (by the skin of his pointy teeth) beat out Kaiden. What really astonished me though, is that 61 people admitted to romancing Allers! I'm embarrassed to admit that I even bother interacting with the useless bint at all.
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