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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The majority of the new fleet ships will be retrofits of current T2 to T4 ships
All of them or just some of them?

[crosses fingers that its all of them]
There won't be fleet versions of the Constitution, NX or Oberth as they are Tier 1 ships. There also won't be fleet versions of the Excelsior or Galaxy-Dreadnought. I am not certain about this but for the Federation, only Starfleet designed ships will have a fleet version so this excludes the Vulcan D'kyr and Caitian Atrox.

Generally, ships that are sold in the c-store and come with a special console in the C-Store will have a fleet variant. While I understand the financial reasons, I do wish they would give an in-game reason for this decision.
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