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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

WOW. That. Was. Great.

Honestly, PoN and RtD together are better than Destiny to me. I don't say that to minimize Destiny's excellence, but to emphasize this duology's.

Spoilers abounding ahead...

Comments on things I liked:
-That pagh'tem'far between Kasidy, Sisko and Kira at the end was probably the most confusing thing I have ever read in TrekLit. And it was great. I liked the resolution of the Sisko and Prophets storyline. It's about time, in my view. Oddly enough, the way Kira explained that it was okay for Sisko to be with Kasidy reminded me of the similar revelation about a prophecy in the Harry Potter series.
-Loved the resolution of Kira's story. While I would be okay if she came back, I appreciate the resolution of the conflict that was her life, and I'd be okay if it were over. She deserves to be at peace.
-Loved, loved, LOVED the parallelism between Eli rescuing Kay and Elias (?) rescuing Kira. I would like some explanation about Vaughn, but honestly, if I don't get it, that will be okay too. Some things aren't to be explained.
-Really am okay with DS9's demise. Obviously the authors were telegraphing this, but it did feel like there were no more stories to tell there. For one thing, the character of Quark had no way to grow as long as the station was there. I believe it was Ira Steven Behr who said that Quark was never going to be nagus, or anything, because he was always going to be at his bar.
-Was glad to see less of the Breen (really glad) and was fine with less Tzenkethi. They're great, but we've seen a lot of them. Was glad to have focus on interesting Romulans.
-Picard with Tomalak
-Nog and O'Brien being back and working together
-no Ezri
-no one missing Ezri
-Odo being back

Agreeing with what other people have said about:
-Sela; I cheered out loud when I realized who was the prisoner in Ki Baratan
-being sadder about the prospect of losing Vic than about having lost the station
-Bacco being stupid
-Sisko reeming out Stinson

Things I was less keen on:
-Where is Spock? (someone else mentioned this upthread) Not even a mention? I didn't miss him while reading the book, but in hindsight, I would have appreciated something.
-The Sarina Douglas subplot; to turn Bashir's "wheels-within-wheels" image on its ear, this story felt like it was spinning its wheels. Of course DRGIII needed to include it, but it just felt like there wasn't enough space in the narrative to make it go places. And while the confusingness of the story was clearly intentional and meaningful, it just didn't quite work for me. And it's somewhat frustrating because I don't think we'll get development on that story for some time.
-Using the True Way. I know that their continued existence beyond the Dominion War was not DRGIII's call, and I agree that if they survived that war, they would certainly survive at least until 2383, and behave very much as depicted. All that aside, though, I still don't find them particularly interesting, nor particularly believable.

I'm not sure what to think of the wormhole collapsing. Though it's rich with story potentials, I am saddened by the stories we won't get, at least, not for a while, mainly relating to the Dominion and GQ exploration. On the other hand, it will be nice to be able to focus on the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for a while. And Odo is certainly placed into an interesting position now. Wonder what he will do.

All in all, this was a fantastic book. I want there to be more DS9 stories and sooner than we will surely get them. And honestly, at this point, I personally don't need/want those story slots to be taken up with Ascendant-only stories. What is ahead seems yet more exciting than what we have left behind.
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