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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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But Picard is supposed to be in his 70's at this point isn't he? Even if Stewart is younger.
Admittedly non-canon, but his birthdate is given as 2305. Which would've made him 58 or 59 in Encounter at Farpoint, so the character may have been older than 70 in Nemesis.

Picard was in the Class of '27 at the Academy, as mentioned in "The First Duty" and "Tapestry". Q said Picard was 21 after he graduated from the Academy, so that would be 2306. If Picard didn't have his birthday yet, then he would've turned 22 in 2327, making his date of birth 2305.

Even without Q mentioning how old Picard was, 22 sounds like a reasonable age to have graduated from the Academy.

So, yeah, Picard was 74 in Nemesis; which would be more like upper-middle-age in the 24th Century.
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