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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

Whilst the bald Picard thing is only a small detail, I do think it does sum up perfectly a lot of the overall flaws with the film. There's a clear assumption the audience is too stupid to get that Picard is looking at a picture of himself as a teen unless he's bald. Plus it contradicts the earlier lines about how Shinzon doesn't look exactly like him because of all the beatings...

The script is a big problem, but it might not have been a fatal one. I would argue that the scripts of First Contact and the '09 film are just as full of stupidity and silly nonsense moments. But they're directed and performed with verve and omph they get away with it, both films effectively grab the viewer by the scruff of the neck, stare them in the eyes and dare them to point out plot holes.

If Nemesis had been given a director who was at least interested in doing a Trek film even if he wasn't a fan it might have still pulled it off. But there's a tired, languid feeling to the whole thing. And unlike the TOS films there's no real taking into account of their aging (Kirk got into surprisingly few fist fights in the films and those he did would usually see him either outclassed- he only wins against Kurge because the planet is exploding around them- or played for laughs- Kirk Vs. Kirk. Compare that to fat Riker trying to look threatening to Ron Pearlman or Picard single handedly killing a bridge full of monsters).

I've seen the last six films at the cinema and- though some have gone down in my esteem in the years since (alas poor Generations, time has been a cruel mistress)- Nemesis is the only one I thought was bobbins as I was watching it at the time.
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