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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Useful advice, other than the fact that you can't do that in STFs. People have been complaining that there's basically NOTHING you can do to help yourself when you get a AKFer in a run, other than drop and take the 1-hour leaver penalty yourself.

Can block that guy so you don't end up together again, but the developers have gone in favor of the farmers over the actual players on this one.

There needs to be SOMETHING to limit this practice. It's a 5-man team, so maybe don't give any rewards if they don't contribute at least 5-10% of total damage (maybe less if they do more healing/crowd control, gotta be a way to measure actual participation other than just DPS, but it's easiest.) Even a weak ship doing crowd control ought to be responsible for at least 5% of total damage, no?

KIck vote (with other 4 all having to vote yes) would be easiest, but there's potential to abuse it and kick people to have a better shot at the bag at end. Maybe implement the kick vote system, but you CAN'T kick the person if they've contributed 10% total damage? That way you've definitely gotten contribution from that player, so means they shouldn't have a valid reason to kick.

Or if they don't respawn within 15 seconds of being eligible? Or if they stay within a X km radius of the spawn location? Keyboard is idle for more than 1 minute without moving character? Gotta be some triggers they can put in to at LEAST make the player ineligible for the end reward (plus dilithium), making it not worth the time to AKF, and meaning more stuff to split between the people that beat the mission despite the short numbers...
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