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Re: In zombie films, how come nobody has ever...

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..put on a suit of medieval full-plate knight armour?

Instant, near-total invulnerability to zombie bites and scratches.

A squad of plate armoured knights with sharp swords and shields could easily cleave through a zombie horde, decapitating as they went. A follow up eachelon could destroy the severed heads (immobilised but still active as long as the brain is undamaged) in their wake at leisure.
Plate armor is heavy, so you couldn't go fast or carry much, and you;d get tired quickly. And using a sword to chop off a head is actually pretty difficult what with all the vertebrae and tendons and muscles and other stuff.

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Here's a better idea:

But it would take a few minutes for the fire to destroy enough of the zombie's tissue to stop him, and in that time he'd be stumbling around, setting fire to other things. The risk of uncontrolled fire is too great.

Anyway, where would you get a flame thrower? They haven't used one as a serious weapon since the Vietnam war, I believe. The fuel is hard to get, and it's heavy, and once you are out of fuel it's just a very expensive and heavy back pack.

Best weapon is a crowbar. Light, smashes through skulls well and can be used as a tool as well as a weapon. best armor is a short haircut and tight clothes, make it harder to be grabbed.
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