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Re: Which serise was Worf the best in?

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TNG. He didn't fit into DS9, the show as already overcrowded with characters and as far as I remember he never had any of those brilliant or hilarious moments he had so often in TNG.
Worf was for less of a gimmick on DS9 and more of a character, even though he was brought to DS9 as a gimmick. His character worked so much better in that show, bringing some much needed change for the character, who's biggest deal on the Enterprise was to push the button that says fire on the tactical station, and to have Picard remind him that in a way, we are all human.

No, Worf finally became a character instead of a bridge ornament during DS9. And as for being hilarious...
The scene where O'Brien tells him that they are having another baby, and seeing Worf's reaction.... Priceless.
That's simply factually wrong. We are not talking about TOS where the minor characters never got any spotlight. Worf got plenty to do in TNG besides standing at his post and Sins of the Father and Redemption are probably the best stories in which he is the protagonist.

Ofcourse he had his own episodes where he had plenty to do. But the rest of the time, he was just there. He was used to better effect in DS9 if you ask me, with far more better scenes in non-Worf episodes then he had in TNG.
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