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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Love Star Trek? Of course you do!

Well now you can immerse yourself in the Star Trek universe by joining Shadow Fleet!

With a well organised structure and exciting missions, we offer our players the chance to grow and progress with the promise of real-world forum moderation, global moderation and even administrator privileges!

We're also big believers in allowing a starship captain to do their own thing, so the admiralty will never get in the way! By following this ethos, every SIMM is different with it's own unique slant on the Star Trek story.

Like what you read? Well, that's not all!

In addition to great storylines and professionally run SIMMs, we also give each member access to the following great features:

- Affiliates / Have your own site? Become affiliated with us and watch the traffic come in!
- Your Messages / More than just another PM feature, your own message center includes advanced features like LoA auto-reply. Going away? Set your message to autorespond letting everyone know when they send you a message!
- Articles / Indulge your literary talents further by submitting an article on your favorite aspect of Star Trek, an episode review or even a write up on a previous mission! Read, rate and comment on other articles to show your support for your fellow crewmates!
- Blog / Your very own blog center where you can keep track of your thoughts and read and comment on other people's blogs.
- Awards / As you progress through your Shadow Fleet career, you'll earn the chance to attain awards and ribbons through service to your SIMM and fleet.
- Competitions and prizes / Shadow Fleet regularly runs competitions for its members with great prizes including posters, DVDs and other Star Trek memorabilia!

But that's not all. By joining today, you will also take a place in our close-knit community. Our members are friendly and welcoming and you're sure to fit in in no time!

Interested? Then why not check us out?

Just head along to and sign up today!

To find out more before you join, take a look at our Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel, page or Blogger account
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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