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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

1) The Artist (2011) - A+
2) Midnight in Paris (2011) - B
3) Tree of Life (2011) - F
4) The Descendants (2011) - B
5) Drive (2011) - B
6) Hanna (2011) - C
7) Take Shelter (2011) - A-
8) 50/50 (2011) - B
9) Baby Mama (2008) - B-
10) United 93 (2006)
11) Rango (2011) - B
12) The Hunger Games (2012) - B+
13) 21 Jump Street (2012) - B+
14) Goon (2012) - A-
15) The Avengers (2012) - B
16) Cars 2 (2011) - C+
17) Men in Black 3 (2012) - B+
18) Prometheus (2012) - D+
19) The Iron Lady (2011) - C-

I've been wanting to see this film ever since Streep won the award for best actress. I was happy for her, and I knew in the roles she is in that one of these days they would finally accept that award (At least in my lifetime, I don't remember her first one). However, is it just me or does she play the same character in pretty much all her movies. What I saw here is basically Julia Childs from Julie and Julia. Maybe that's why I consider a movie like The River Wild one of her more underrated efforts. She's not trying to steal scenery in that film like she is in other films and she blends with the rest of the cast quite well.

That brings me to Iron Lady and why it get's a C-. The story/narrative was a mess and I don't think the flashbacks did Margaret Thatcher justice. I don't know much about her, but I do know she was a pivotal woman in Great Britain history, so to have the foundation of her health in later years carry the film, I almost found that demeaning. Also, because of the flashbacks, the story was all over the place and the characters lacked any flesh to them.

I sound like this film get's an F, but here is were the C- comes in. I loved Streep's performance. While she steals the scenery (And again, it's like Julia Childs) when we see her as Thatcher in the position of power, she controls the film. The award was very deserving and she single-handedly saved the film from everything else.

Theater: 7
BluRay: 6 (+1)
On Demand/TV: 1
Itunes: 5
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