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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

72. Where Do We Go Now? (B)

A comedy-drama hybrid (not a dramedy) from Lebanese actor-writer-director-producer Nadine Labaki (an impressive number of hats for a woman to wear in any film industry, let alone while working in the Middle East) that won the audience award at TIFF last year. It's kind of an awkward construct: it begins and ends largely as farce, but there's some really heavy stuff dropped in here that isn't remotely funny, and interacts with the light comedy rather jarringly (though the dramatic scenes work on their own). The cast is huge, and, combined with the subtitles, you never really learn most of the characters' names, apart from Labaki's own character (the sexy widow/cafe owner). Interesting and alternately funny and moving (there's a particularly funny musical bit of all the women in the village preparing to drug all the men with hashish-laced food), but never feels consistent.

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