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I kinda agree. For the slides showing the rebuilt London, repaired Citadel, and baby Krogan, those work well as artwork as they're aspirational, they're the future that the characters want yet not necessarily the future they will have. The galaxy could slide back into conflict, but in the days following the victory they are dreaming of a better tomorrow.
By personal favorite was Zaeed sitting on a beach chair with a drink in his hand. He hadn't dropped the armor, which tells you he probably wasn't retired.

In fact, my cutscenes pretty much showed everyone from ME2. Which was fine by me, I liked them more than the original group (aside from the ones that stuck with me through the end). That was the destruct ending with enough points to get the "Not Actually Dead" ending. I saw no Geth after the fleet roll call. Which is also okay. All you need, with the upgrade Legion disseminated himself for, is for one platform to survive. What are the odds that none of them were able to jump away from Earth?

You still probably wipe EDI, but that's the least evil ending of the three, IMO. As a CO, I have the authority to sacrifice those under my command (with the obligation to avoid that if at all possible). I do not have the right to make a decision for everyone in the universe. I do not think it is a good idea for one being to control all the power of the whole Reaper race.

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Likewise, ME3's texture quality looks like shit on the PC because they didn't bother to improve the console textures for the PC version this time around, which they DID do for ME2.
I noticed how bad ME3 textures looked. Didn't realize this was why. There is TexMod, though.
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