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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

All the talk of TMP and Ex Machina in another thread tempted me to re- watch and read those, but then I remembered that EM also sequelises For The World Is Hollow... and I haven't seen that in a long while. Conveniently, however, the daily reruns on CBS Action just started on season 3 and will reach that episode next weekend. So it'll be Ex Machina after that, and for now I felt in the mood for some classics and so started on Jules Verne's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. (The Penguin Classics version, which is the best translation - original character names and all.)

Which, actually, is a classic that still has no definitive screen version - the James Mason version's OK, the Kenneth More version reasonably watchable, the John Neville/F Murray Abraham one is entertaining in places (and for Trek viewers, Tim Russ is in it), but none are really great.

The Brendan Fraser version is utter, utter shit.

I guess I wish the BBC would do one, like they did with The Lost World a few years back...
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