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You know, from an artistic POV I think I like the idea of the slides better than pre-rendered cutscenes. It gives the epilogue an almost storybook quaity, which is quite appropriate given the post credits scene.
I kinda agree. For the slides showing the rebuilt London, repaired Citadel, and baby Krogan, those work well as artwork as they're aspirational, they're the future that the characters want yet not necessarily the future they will have. The galaxy could slide back into conflict, but in the days following the victory they are dreaming of a better tomorrow.

But some of the character-centric slides, such as Samara with her daughter on Thessia and Jack with her students, I think those moments would have been best represented by actual cinematics as that's how we remember the characters.

I could have done with some more pre-rendered scenes during the Londo missions. It would have been a good place to show the Rachi, Elcor, Geth etc...actually, for some reason I don't think *any* Geth showed up in my ending at all. Not even in the "fleets reporting in" scene. While vexing, the absence of a reminder that they were there at all did make the destroy decision a little easier.
The Geth didn't show up in London for me either, but for different reasons. But yeah, I'm disappointed that the London mission wasn't restructured to include cutscenes showing your war assets in battle, that's the one big thing that Bioware failed to deliver with the extended cut.

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Depends on how you interpret it, but to me "synthesis" is by far the most sinister of the three options. In my mind, that ending means that the entire galaxy is homogenised into a single collective consciousness, totally wiping out any individuality. That maybe EDI's voice, but it's not her speaking, it's the catalyst.
The new galactic consciousness even has a penchant for green lights, just like another organic/synthetic collective I could name.
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