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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

I swear there hasn't been a bad or boring issue yet with this!!! Oh boy where to start, Admiral James Kirk did a great job of summarizing the issue. The funniest line goes to Otis!!! I can totally picture that happening if this was live action, and Lex's reaction to it was hilarious and a nod to Gene Hackman. The conversations between Lex and Tess are wonderful. Tess gets to really the heart of the matter and understands more than most just how Lex ticks. He's not necessarily an evil bastard, he starts out with good intentions but because of just how he operates and he was raised and conditioned as a child, those good intentions end up being flawed, and he simply doesn't see what he does as being "evil". He thinks he's doing genuinely good things and wants to help the world. Paul Cornell explored this aspect of Lex's character during his year long Action Comics run as well. I love when writers really truly understand Lex Luthor.

Henshaw....oooooooooh Cyborg Superman is coming ever closer! An interesting way of continuing to seed the character and foreshadow what is to come later. "Smallville" did a good job of this season after season. Just the execution was sometimes...lacking. I don't think that will be the case this time around. EMIL!!!!! Oh and I absolutely loved the Lois and Clark, and Chloe and Ollie stuff! The balance of writing and plot is excellent in this...and I too have to thank Bryan for that. Next issue...BRUCE and STEPH!!!
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