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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
The pic in Nemesis shows Picard in the cadet jumpsuit, giving up to FOUR YEARS for the guy to grow his hair back after having shaved it off.
Actually, the pic in Nemesis shows Picard in an Enlisted Uniform. Starfleet cadets of that era wore the standard officer jackets with red turtle necks. Enlisted Men and NCOs wore the jumpsuit that "Picard" was shown wearing in the picture in Nemesis. Yet one more thing the film makers of Nemesis fucked up.

Harvey wrote: View Post
I think the complaints stem, in part, from the fact that a leaked version of the script described young Picard as having hair like he did in "Tapestry." When this was changed in the movie, some people interpreted it as the powers that be assuming their audience would be too stupid to realize that a character who once had hair was now bald.
That is exactly what happened. I don't remember if it was Berman or Baird, or both, but someone thought that the audience would be too stupid to know that the guy in the picture Picard was looking at was him. Unless he looked exactly like Tom Hardy looked like in the rest of the movie. Which meant having a bald head. The powers that be thinking their audience is stupid was a common occurrence with all the TNG films.

It's really the least of the film's many problems, though, but something easy to nitpick.
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