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It wouldn't solve a damn thing anyway. People may accept the new fusion, but that doesn't mean it will change what their priorities will be on Monday.
That's something I'm curious about, in my play-through where Wreav was preparing an army of Krogan, would I still see those images if I had chosen synthesis? I can't test this out because that Shep's EMS was too low and I was only given the choice of destroy or control, and it's an unusual combination of variables anyway (most people that killed Wrex in ME1 probably didn't cure the genophage in ME3) so I haven't seen a video of it on Youtube. But if it does show that image then it does prove that synthesis doesn't bring peace.

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Which is the cool thing about Mass Effect, isn't it? Shepard can be a paragon of virtue or a complete asshole who just happens to get things done.
Which is why I like my primary Shep, he was neither of those things, he was a mostly good man that did some morally questionable things because of the pressure of trying to achieve the impossible.

I've been thinking over the last few days about why I find the new endings much better than the original, and my Shepard's moral ambiguity is a big part of it. After everything I had been through, all the moral sacrifices I made, all those things which weighed on my conscience (murdering Mordin and Wrex being the main ones), I needed to know those sacrifices meant something. I needed an affirmation of victory, and Joker and co. staring into the distance on that jungle planet didn't cut it. When I think of the new (destroy) ending, the first thing that comes to mind is the shot of the fleet heading home with Hackett saying "we won", and that brief moment made a world of difference for me. The funeral scene was nice and emotional, the slide-show was a reasonable way of reflecting the outcome of my decisions, but it was that simple line from Hackett that provided me with the closure I needed.

It may not be a great ending, but it is a proper ending this time.

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And I'm not talking about the plus few minutes of video, but the fact that
a. the mass relays don't explode
b. joker doesn't run off
c. normandy doesn't crash...
Unless you have a low EMS score, in which case the relays explode, wiping out most life in the galaxy, and the Normandy is left stranded on that planet.

It's funny, the worst achievable ending in the extended cut appears to be the same as what was implied in the best possible endings of the original version.

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I'm also still having a hard time figuring out how the EC managed to take up more memory than LotSB.
Apparently, pre-rendered cutscenes take up a lot of room. I've seen it suggested that the slides used in the epilogue were supposed to be proper footage, but they couldn't fit them within Xbox Live's 2GB DLC limit, so they used artwork instead. No idea if that's true or not, but it sounds believable.
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