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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

My review:

Now that I’ve finished RBoE, Plagues of Night, and Raise the Dawn, I feel very satisfied with the overall journey with RtD being very difficult to put down. It was very non-traditional and larger than life with so many characters, events, and settings that strung together a fairly epic chain which, in the end, has either resurrected DS9 in Trek lit or killed it.

Now that Sisko’s family situation has been resolved, I feel much better about his overall journey even though I still don’t believe his abandoning his family makes any sense.

Usually I don’t care much for the political strings in Trek stories but I actually looked forward to chapters involving the Romulan Praetor as she has been a very engaging character. She will make the Typhon Pact very interesting as she alone among the Pact leadership seems to understand the UFP and not want to make war with them. It should proof interesting as the other states act belligerent while the Romulans are the level-headed ones. That said, I’m left wondering how the Tzentheki feel about her as she has essentially thwarted their plans twice and they are the ones who brought her to power.

I have mixed feelings about the ending for the crew and station. I just found it a bit much to have O’Brien, Nog, and Odo all return to DS9. I love the characters and am glad to see them back, but I just don’t feel like they belong there. I was very pleased when O'Brien appeared; O”Brien and Nog I can understand wanting to build a new station but wonce that’s over, it will be like they are regressing rather than progressing in their career. Odo says Starfleet is unlikely to send a Slipstream vessel to return him to the Dominion. I think Starfleet could see value in taking the time to return a stranded head of state home, especially when he is a stabilizing force for the Dominion. With him gone, Laas could make them a dangerous force if/when the wormhole reopens.

And that is my biggest gripe, the wormhole being collapsed. Without it, DS9 seems pointless. No Gamma Quadrant, the Cardassians are an ally now. What’s going to be interesting about a space station in the ass end of space now?

So although I enjoyed DRG III’s overall DS9 story, found this book fairly outstanding, and will eagerly pick up his next book because he is a fine writer who weaves a great story, I’m left worried that he left DS9 in a worse state than he found it.
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