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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

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1. When Jefferies came up with that "1701" number, he retconned a decision made purely on visibility as being indicative of the first ship built in the seventeenth group of starships. So, when conceived, Enterprise was the class vessel. At least to Jefferies.

2. Along comes "Doomsday Machine". For whatever reason- convenience, visibility, distinctiveness, etc- the ship scripted as being "Enterprise type" is numbered "1017" and named "Constellation". This is the first ship seen onscreen that looks like Enterprise.
These are good points and some or all of this may have actually happened. But why not make Constellation NCC-1710? If they only had a limited number of decals or rub-ons to use of those numbers, why not recombine them in a way that made more sense?
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