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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

It's time for Smallville #9 and boy it doesn't disappoint! Well it didn't disappoint me at least. I suppose I should explain. Do you remember how in every Smallville episode the action and adventure portion of the show concludes about forty five minutes in and the remain 15 minutes of the episode is the character stuff? Well that's kinda what Brian Q. is doing her. Anybody hoping for the adrenaline and groin grabbingly glorious action of last issue are going to be disappointed. However if you've been enjoying the ride that Miller's been taking us on then you're just gonna go with the flow and have a good time.

The issue opens up with a scene reminiscent of the Superman/Lois flying scene in the first movie. It's a cute, romantic moment amongst the clouds. It's also the site of the only error in the issue. What error? Nothing as egregious as the misplaced pages a couple of issues past, thank God. It's just a little typo. "Day" when they meant "Dad". Nothing too distracting. We all make 'em. I just thought I'd be a geek and mention it before anybody else did.

Next up is Ollie and Chloe discussing whether they really want to leave Matropolis for Star City. It seems like, yes, they're still going to move. Kinda, sorta. I get the impression Chloe mostly wants to go and Ollie kinda doesn't. I'm not sure if the characters are being ambivalent or if Miller's writing is just vague in this scene. Either way the best thing about the scene is the revelation that they're being stalked by the person in the spaceship.

The next scene and one of the best is between Lex and Tess. I really like the interaction between the two characters. They're like an old married couple by this point. Sick of the sight of each other and I really get the impression that they like tormenting one another.

The story is moved forward by the revelation that Hank Henshaw's consciousness is being transferred into one of the drones from last issue. What's more Lex intends to have Tess removed from his mind in the same way and then dismantled.

Yeah, Lex is going there!

There's also one more revelation that's almost worth the price of the entire issue. That revelation being that Smallville's Otis is about one brain cell less retarded than the Ned Beatty Otis of the movies. Okay it wasn't really important to the story I just thought it was wacky and goofy.

The issue ends with Hank Henshaw finding out what Lex has done to him. Hank is not happy and that is an understatement that ends this issue with an exciting cliffhanger that gives us the first use of the ultra-sonic signal watch in the Smallville mythos! No, it isn't Jimmy Olsen who uses the watch. However the fallout of Lex's actions and the ramifications on Superman should be made clear one week hence.

And now the long wait for Smallville #10 begins.

Thanks, Brian!
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