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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I haven't read Batman Inc #2 yet, but I have read the two Justice League titles. I've held off on All-Star Western because I'm burned out on Court of Owls tie-ins just now (three of them in titles I regularly read).

I like the main JLA title while I read it, but it's like I can't remember most of it ten minutes later. The design for Graves isn't too bad, but I'm a little annoyed that Johns went with the Asuras. They never appear in comics before Buffy season 8, and suddenly Johns has the I'm-sure completely independent idea to also use them? Right. Green Lantern is still being written as though he were 17, but Batman and Superman work in this title. I'm slowly being sold on Cyborg's inclusion: he's basically Jarvis with an exo-skeleton. The title makes references to recent events in Wonder Woman.

JL Dark was fantastic: best issue yet with a "holy crap" moment on virtually every page. Faust is played like someone we should all know and disdain, so I assume some of his history is intact. The new 52's Constantine is becoming his own man pretty rapidly. And a Father Time reference. What more could you want?

Steve Trevor is quickly becoming a favorite character in the new 52 on the strength of his appearances in the JL titles.
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