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Finally finished it. Went Synth and then destroy and watched the others on Youtube (Bioware's disabling of skipping in the last section made my mind up).

The is a bit more explanation, which was mainly okay and some nice new cutscenes. I liked that instead of just having the same 3 people appear when you make your choice it varies and my romance option now actually got to appear. That said I'm still a bit miffed about how kind of second hand it all is if you stick with a ME2 companion.

I do wish they added back in Anderson's cut dialogue before he dies, it makes the moment so much bigger.

I do like that we got to see how the squad mates escaped. But Joker is off my Christmas card list for not even attempting to provide support fire for Hammer's efforts. As someone mentioned it is odd that Harbinger just looks at the Normandy and doesn't do anything.

The scene where they put Sheps name on the list of the dead is good, but the fact it says "Commander Shepard" made me shake my head. Apparently they liked me but not enough to know my first name.

Finally, I like that the breath scene stayed. Throw in the fact they didn't do anything to make Anderson's appearance on the Citadel make any sense and I'm still doubtful about whether it was actually real. That said, I am quite happy with the destroy ending now there is some context as to what you actually got for your actions.

I also noticed an funny coincidence. In the slideshow at the end when you see Coats and co looking over plans for rebuilding the guy on the left looks a lot like my Shep. Even more proof that my Shep is not dead!
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