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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

In all honesty, I am simply a fan of Cryptic who has been observing the company's high points and low points since 2003. And all I have said is based on my observation as an outsider with totally no insider knowledge. Everything I say is hopefully well-reasoned speculation on my part.

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Where do you get your facts?

I ask becuse City of Heroes had about 3 years of development prior to launch. Cryptic was form in 2000, started CoH development around 2001 and released it in early 2004. (and I was one of the first 300 to close beta that game in 2003.)
I started the clock in 2000, when Cryptic was formed whereas you started the clock in 2001. That is how I came up with the "close to five years" statement. Even with your estimate of 3 years, that is still twice the amount of development time Star Trek Online had. Regardless if CoH was developed in 3 years or 5 years, my point still stands: STO had an extremely short development time for an MMO and as a result the game was not as polished as it could have been on launch day.

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Also, while CoH does have a Supergroup base system - Champions Online does not. CO's 'Hideouts' are about the same as visiting your Bridge in STO - there's really not much to them.

Lastly, te CO/STO/Neverwinter engine IS NOT ythe same engine they left to Paragon Studios after selling te CoH IP lock stock and barrel to NCSoft in 2007 so it could get operating capital to go off and make 'Marvel Universe Online' and partner with Microsoft <--- The deal was cut short pretty quick into development when MS asked point blank "MUO will be able to compete directly with World of Waercraft, and will see similar sub numbers, right?" And Cryptic responded honestly with "No."
I have never professed to have an insider's knowledge that the three games are running the same engine. I am a system software developer by profession and have played all three games for at least 6 months. From my observation, I can say that the three games are much more similar than dissimilar. Even if the games do not share the same code base, there is a huge degree of reuse in terms of software design and implementation details. For instance, all three games share very similar instancing, foundry, avatar customization technology, both CoH and CO have a very similar powerset, power slotting and travel-power system.

As a result I mistakenly jumped to the conclusion that Champions Online and Star Trek Online inherited a lot of base code from City of Heroes. My goal was to defend Cryptic's decision to add Fleetbases to STO as they could "re-use some code and ideas" they had from City of Heroes and thus cut down on development time for Fleetbases. Now, I am worried Cryptic may have bitten off more than it can chew and season 6 schedules are indeed slipping...
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